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Statement on Overturning of Former Speaker Silver's Conviction

Assemblymember Kavanagh released the following statement:

"In light of a unanimous ruling by the Supreme Court that narrowed the definition of the type of conduct that constitutes criminal corruption, federal judges have apparently concluded that in order to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, former Speaker Sheldon Silver would need to be retried under the new standard. Whether to retry the cases is a decision for prosecutors to make and I understand the U.S. Attorney's office expects to do so. However, today's decision doesn't change my feeling about the decision of my Assembly colleagues and me to ensure that Sheldon Silver resigned as the Speaker. In his criminal prosecution, he is innocent until proven guilty and entitled to all the due process protections that our criminal justice system provides. But what he did was wrong and a betrayal of the people of our state. It would have been inappropriate for him to continue as the Speaker, and the Assembly did the right thing by replacing him."

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