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Kavanagh's Liquor License Bill Passes the Assembly

On March 28, the Assembly passed bill A1300, sponsored by Assemblymember Kavanagh and Senator Daniel Squadron, which would include seven factors for the State Liquor Authority (SLA) to consider when deciding whether to approve applications for liquor licenses, regardless of the type of establishment. Currently the alcoholic beverage control law sets forth evaluation criteria to be considered as part of applications for licenses by restaurants, but these factors are not included in the provision pertaining to licenses at taverns, bottle clubs, or restaurant breweries. Under the Kavanagh/Squadron bill, the factors applicable to all license applications would include the number, type, and proximity of other licenses in the area; whether the applicant has necessary permits; the potential effect of the license on traffic and parking; noise levels; any history of liquor violations or criminal activity at the premises; any history of building and fire violations at facilities operated or owned by the applicant; and any formal communications about the application from the municipality or community board. The bill now awaits consideration in the Senate.

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